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L'île Foundry is an independent type foundry based in Milan, created in 2021 by Jérémy Ruiz and Angela Ippolito.

2022 / Available on MyFonts

With a set of 1287 alternate glyphs, the Ekko typeface gives you tools to be creative. By combining these alternate glyphs between them, you can design real vertical ligatures. Ekko offers a wide range of graphic possibilities and gives you the opportunity to play, experiment and discover, in order to associate the various vertical ligatures among them, in a balanced and harmonious way. Thus, Ekko provides you the possibility to express the musicality of each word, and to give a specific, original and unique rhythm to each composition. In line with the spirit of jazz music, in which nothing is predefined, but everything remains open. Be creative and enjoy!

We recommend that you use Ekko with a line spacing suitable to the font size with a ratio between 0,54 and 0,6. For example, if the font size is 100 pts, the best line spacing will be between 54 and 60 pts.

In order to give the best flexibility to Ekko, you can also find, through other alternate glyphs, different widths for each letter (except: M, N, V and W in uppercase). Each letter, lowercase and uppercase combined, is thus available in dimensions: 3x8, 5x8 and 7x8.

Ekko also contains 28 horizontal ligatures.

2021 / Available on MyFonts

2021 / Available on